The Flying High Podcast – Sheila Mulvenney

Our guest this week is Sheila Mulvenney. She started her career as a nurse and then a health visitor before going in to teach further education on a range of care and childcare courses. While there she completed a degree and later a PGCE, teaching in a range of settings before moving into the specialist, SEMH schools. She went on to become head of a small school for children in care. From there she moved to work in local authorities initially in inclusion then as head of a virtual school for children in care in 5 different local authorities. Sheila can be contacted via her company – Attuned Education. She offers training in personal development, phonics for teachers and issues related to vulnerable children such as trauma, attachment, emotion coaching and behaviour management. She says, ‘I believe if we change our mindset we can change our life hence my book ‘Make it Magnificent’ – available on Amazon. You can also connect with Sheila on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can listen to the full episode here.

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